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We are a specialized company that offers you hand-crafted metal products. You can select items from our store or work with us individually to develop your unique hand-crafted masterpiece.



About Us

Motives Metalworks provides you with a wide variety of skills with a common goal of being creative and hand-crafting our products. Every decorative metal piece we put out is a one of a kind hand cut metal art creation. though similar, no two pieces are the same. Contact us at 541-690-6442 and let me get started on your custom piece today.



Traditional skills, but still state of the art - that's what sets Motives Metalworks apart. We produce master-quality metal art work that is customized to your specific needs at reasonable prices. Whether custom-made hand cut pieces to specification or revisions and repairs, you can rely on us!

Here's Where You'll Find Us: 541-690-6442


Latest news Pictures with prices are in stock, call 541-690--6442 to order yours today. Pictures with Special Order label can be made in a week or less, call for your special order today, all prices include delivery by USPS.

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